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Joy Of Rain

Rain started to fall again this morning after a long absence. I was on the train heading back to office as it happened. Droplets of rain hit the train window and were dragged down diagonally by gravity, blurring the outside view. Earlier, there was hint that rain might came as dark cumulus formed and hovered in the sky.

The long period of drought — 8 weeks, according to record is one in a thousand year affair. The drought turned grass along the roadside and plants everywhere dry and brown, an unusual sight as if autumn existed in this place. In Botanical Garden, water in the pond had almost dried up, exposing a muddy bottom.

Across the strait to the west, things were even worse. Exacerbated by drought, forest fires occurred as the result of man-made and natural disaster. It had happened late last year and again early this year, coincided with the drought season. The fires gave rise to a thick smog, engulfing the region with haze and burning smell, endangering people and animal. Airport not far from the forest was closed. Schools were closed and people were forced to stay indoor, disrupting their normal activity.

Now, at long last, as it falls, rain brings a slimmer of hope and relief to people. It’s a signal that more rains are to come soon, undoing what drought had just done — bringing back greenery to the landscape and joy and smile back to people’s faces.