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Bomber Plane

It was daytime when I was thrusted into this unknown place. I couldn’t decide if it was morning or afternoon. All I remember was the thrust brought my consciousness to this unfamiliar and chaotic place. As my consciousness began to dawn on me, I made out that I was inside a dark house.

There’s an opening on the roof above me and naturally I was drawn to it. Through the opening, I saw a few planes flying high in the overcast sky. The planes looked tiny but judging from its outline, they looked like those old fashioned Kawasaki bomber planes that were used by the Japanese during World War II.

As the bomber planes moved past the the opening, I heard a few explosions. I guessed the bombs they dropped must had landed on the ground. Briefly for a moment, I imagined myself being trapped in the house as the concrete and roof started crumble down unto me. Frightened and acting on instinct, I made my move to get out of the house as soon as I could.

On my way out, I saw a row of bikes parked at the veranda. I quickly grabbed a black mini bike, pushed it out of the house and pedalled it into street. I bumped into a few people on the street who I thought were also out there to avoid the crumbling of their houses.

First was a middle-aged man who seemed to be too dumbstruck by the bombing. He was standing still on the street, looking up to the sky, unable to react to the chaotic situation and not knowing where to run to. I saw a few other people not long after I passed this middle-aged man. These people appeared flustered too and were running around the street without any sense of direction.

When these people vanished out of my sight, I biked fast towards the direction of my wife, whom I knew was in some place not far. As I biked, raindrops began to fall. Bomber planes that a moment ago were flying in the sky were now gone as raindrops increased. A sense of relief overtook me as these cold droplets fell on my face, knowing that those bomber planes would not be around for a while until the rain stops.

As if the cold rain was real, I was soon awaken to finding myself laying on the bed full of sweat — realizing that this was just a dream.