Eddy Yanto

Projector Controller

Raspberry Pi Based HighLite Projector Controller for National Heritage Museum

Qt Raspberry Pi

PowerPoint Control Utility

A utility that allows PowerPoint and VLC player to be controlled using standard TCP protocol. Used as simple WatchOut replacement.
*Requires PowerPoint 2013


DP Diagnostics Utility

A unified diagnostic utility to download log from different series of DP projectors. This utility simplifies the process of the download - select the respective baud-rate and click on the Retrieve Log button. In future version, baud-rate selection will be encapsulated into projector model selection. For Titan Series which uses ethernet interface, the process is even easier, simply clicking on the Retrieve button will initiate the download process.


SGBusRouter iPad App

This iPad app lists all bus services in Singapore. It shows all the stops a bus service run through and plots them along the route between the terminus. Each bus stop is represented as marker, you can zoom in and click on the marker to view its detail. Read more →

Download iPad app on iTunes →
Source code on Github (Xcode) →


AB Brochure App

An app for AB family of PLCs. The app displays overview, features, specification and images of the each controllers in the family. It also includes resources such as plug-ins architecture, software and sample download links, documentation and videos.

iOS JQuery Mobile Cordova

iPad WatchOut Controller

Built for a car showroom, this iPad app controls multi-display wall projection driven by Dataton WatchOut. User can view car detail on the wall projection, play video trailers, change different car colors and much more by using the iPad app.

Dataton WatchOut iOS

iPod Remote Control

A control system to switch on/off dome projection equipments — six projectors, one amplifier and two Dataton WatchOut displays. The equipments are controlled using PJLink protocol, infrared and dry contact relay respectively. The system also allow user to play different shows using simple push buttons.

Dataton WatchOut iOS Arduino

Less or More Game

An interactive children game with ten lightboxes and two push buttons (less or more button). Each lightbox contain an activity which the player decides whether it should be done more or less. Correct answer gets a cheer!

Arduino VMusic

iPad Presentation App

A presentation app for an oil and gas company. The app contains slides of images, videos and interactive bullet points. It can be presented using two modes — manual or slideshow that offer presenter a different pace. It also has slide list for the presenter to jump right into the selected slide.



A photo-taking kiosk with greenscreen background images, instant photo printing and email sending feature. Used at the opening of MOE Heritage Gallery and Social Pavilion.

Windows Scripting Integration

Video Player

Push button controlled video player used in Earth Science Centre. Each video player contains three push buttons, used to play, stop and navigate the video list.

Processing Arduino

Timed Quiz

A timed quiz with 10 random questions retrieved from a larger pool. Players have to complete the quiz within 100 seconds. Final score will be displayed at the end of quiz — when they completed all questions or when 100 seconds have passed.


Info Kiosk

This touchscreen displays articles, photos and videos submitted by the public. Article or photo can be added or removed using back-end web administration.

HTML Code Igniter MySQL


A dual touchscreens used to collect feedback from visitors. The feedback can be handwritten using a stylus or entered using the onscreen keyboard. All feedback are saved into database.

Processing MySQL

WatchOut Utility

This utility solves the issue of multiple iPads control within a cluster of Dataton Watchout display system. The utility stores the state of auxiliary timeline, position and other variables, and forward them to WatchOut display system. Source code on Github (Processing) →

Processing Dataton WatchOut